I’m Ann and along with my very patient husband and our two lively boys, live just north of Boston in a picturesque small town.  And though I named my business Farmhouse Blues four years ago, it was just last year that we moved into a sweet little blue house overlooking a farm. It was meant to be! After my career as an airline pilot was suddenly halted by the events on 9/11,  I dabbled in a few other areas including a stint at Pottery Barn and a doctoral program in clinical psychology.  After having our two boys, I longed for a creative endeavor where I could spend as much time with them as possible and seem to have found my niche in furniture. I’ve always been drawn to spaces that strike a balance between rustic and modern and I find that painted pieces have a way of fitting into both styles and everything in between.  From well-made but tired older pieces, I strive to create home furnishings that are fresh, inspired, and unique.  Just recently I opened up my own space in a beautifully renovated barn and am eager to see where this new adventure takes me.  Thanks for reading, I’d love to have you along for the ride!